Southern Edge Outfitters has had an excessive kill rate in one of the most sought out classes of Turkey Hunting in the US. Our 750 acres is the premier dwelling of some of the finest Osceola Turkey that you can find in the Central West Coast of FL.



Guest are welcome to book a three day guided hunting trip with lodging for up to three hunters. Lodging consists of cypress and cedar wood cabins with relaxing atmosphere, includes 3 meals per day, and basic household amenities.



3 Day Hunt: $1800/per person (includes one kill)

-$1500 for second kill

3 Day Hunt with Lodging: $2300/per person



We offer guaranteed wild hog hunts in the heart of Florida’s nature coast. If you are seeking something different free range hunts are also provided.  Winter months are the prime time for hog hunting in Florida, but year round hog hunting is permitted.



Meat Hogs:$250

Large Hogs:$350

Trophy Hogs:$500

Randy Hodges

352 422 7586